I am Sam(son).

since im hyped even tho nothing has really happened yet

me and ccat set up his crt in my room since there’s more space. i think he’s been practicing in there while im at my dad’s! btw he got all his stuff in the mail finally! his 3rd party controller was butts but at least his official one is good.

wonderland is finally gonna have another smashfest on friday!! even caez and rudy (maybe) are coming im so excited. i wanna have 2 or 3 set ups so people can quickly get back into playing a 1 v. 1. 

i also set up a mini smashfest here in west sac with some of my friends from school. maybe some other sac smashers will show up too! i wanna meet new people. or play with vorpal and simna again.

i tend to only play when people come over though. when im by myself i get distracted by tumblr or netflix. gotta practice my tech skills.

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cheskasmagicshire replied to your post: “I am obsessed with the swimming anime”:
The one that likes to swim

i thought this was a sassy answer but i guess you mean haru right haha

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« yo

is there anyone else that headcanon’s 

  • lin’s dad is zuko
  • su’s dad is sokka

cuz that sounds cute as heck to me and we can talk about how cute it is together

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1. Mirror - Male - Ice/Mulberry/Royal - Speckle/Eye Spots/Gembond - 14000

2. Pearlcatcher - Male - Lemon/Gold/Banana - Tiger/Eye Spots/Crackle - 14000

3. Pearlcatcher - Female - Lemon/Sand/Banana - Tiger/Eye Spots/Gembond - 14000

4. Pearlcatcher - Female - Teal/Jade/Caribbean - Tiger/Eye Spots/Gembond - 14000

5. Pearlcatcher - Male - Jade/JungleJade - Tiger/Eye Spots/Gembond - 16000

6. Pearlcatcher - Male - Seafoam/Teal/Teal - Tiger/Eye Spots/Gembond - 16000

7. Pearlcatcher - Male - Teal/Seafoam/Seafoam - Tiger/Eye Spots/Gembond - 16000

8. Spiral - Male - Ice/Maroon/Carmine - Tiger/Current/Gembond - 16000

9. Guardian - Male - Obsidian/Midnight/Blue - Tiger/Stripes/Gembond - 14000

10. Guardian - Male - Obsidian/Purple/Sky - Tiger/Stripes/Gembond - 14000

11. Guardian - Male - Obsidian/Lavender/Navy - Tiger/Stripes/Gembond - 14000

12. Guardian - Female - Obsidian/Mulberry/Navy - Tiger/Shimmer/Gembond - 14000

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Sakurai is everywhere…

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A “gay” penguin couple in a Madrid zoo has been given an egg of their own to care for after six springs of building nests together and being disappointed their nests were empty.

“We wanted them to have something to stay together for — so we got an egg,” 

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You have this one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.
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black excellence

No, human excellence.

Let’s talk about set theory! In mathematical logic, we have a subfield called “set theory” where we study how items are collected into groups.

Providing a sort of logical bedrock, set theory informs foundational mathematics and computer science, among other fields, and continues to be a topic of mathematical research.

Sound too esoteric? Okay, you’re familiar with Venn diagrams, right? Venn diagrams are an example of basic set theory.


And you know how all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares? There we go, more set theory.

So, Black people are group within the larger group humans, i.e. all Black people are humans, BUT not all humans are Black people.

As you can see in the photograph above, Keven Stonewall, the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer, is Black. Keven Stonewall’s membership in other groups such as humans, Chicagoans and teenagers occurs simultaneously; consider “Chicago teen.”

Why do we say “square” when we could say “rectangle”? Because “square” conveys useful information,
including “rectangle”—as well as a refinement.

When we say Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence, we mean Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence.

YAAASSS Bitch read ha!!! Let ha know!!!

saying"humanexcellence” is blackerasure

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I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.
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