I am Sam(son).


i am firmly pro selfie. i am firmly pro millennial. i am firmly pro any topic or issue that gets baby boomers to write pissed off articles in salon or slate or the guardian about how the millennial generation is fucked up and narcissistic and lazy and will never be taken seriously by established powers.

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s e p e r a t i o n is an illusion

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I keep on braiding my hair

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hire me, crewniverse 

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  • gives friend a ride home from the airport late at night au
  • volunteering at an animal shelter au
  • pick each other up from bad dates au
  • rival coffee shops au
  • cop vs pushy reporter au
  • cop vs irritating private investigator au
  • snowed in at the library au
  • waits with friend for triple-A to arrive when friend’s car breaks down and then gives them a ride home au
  • geek squad au
  • work at an aftercare program together au
  • firefighter ‘n cop au
  • inter-departmental sports competition au 
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Anonymous said:
so what youre saying is that you support cis people? after all theyve done to oppress you as a "queer" individual?
stoppity replied:

Yes. I do support cis people. Just in the same way that I would support anyone else. If you are born cis, you cannot help that fact. You aren’t born into hatred. Being cis isn’t wrong. At all.

Have I been oppressed by cishet individuals? Absolutely. I’ve had the shit beat out of me all through high school because of my sexuality. I’ve been beaten, abused, held down, denied employment, and raped for who I am. By cisgendered, heterosexual people. But that doesn’t change the fact that my father is cis. My mother is, too. My friends are. My classmates. My roommate. My girlfriend, for fuck’s sake, is cis.

Just because I have been wronged by some, does not give me the right to hate all. I hate some. Not, by any means, all.

I hate those that have wronged me as individuals. As specific people, who have done specific wrong to me. My rapist was cisgendered. But, so is my eight-year-old niece. 

In short, Anon, yes. I absolutely support cis persons. Why? Because being born with uncontrollable traits is not grounds for hatred, under any circumstances. 

Two of the three boys that beat the shit out of me in high school, consistently, were black. Does that give me the right to hate all black men? Absolutely not. Do you see where I’m going with this, Anon?

No matter the circumstances, hating an entire group of people based on immutable traits is wrong. When you do harbor these prejudices, you are no better than those you claim to be fighting.


Did i just read something rational on Tumblr. Doesn’t this violate some law of nature? 

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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


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Even if I was given the opportunity to fall in love with someone romantically, I wouldn’t take it.

If I was given the chance to stop being aromantic, and begin experiencing romantic feelings like most people do, I would not take it.

Even though it would mean that I wouldn’t have to deal with all the crap aromantics get—being treated like we’re villainous, inhuman, disreputable, heartless, selfish, lying, robotic, immature, or nonexistent—even then, I would still choose to be aromantic instead of romantic.

Why? Because being aromantic is part of who I am. It has shaped my past experiences, and made me the person I am today. And I happen to like the person I am. If you changed the sort of emotions I can feel toward people, you’d be changing a fundamental part of my personality. I don’t want some “love interest” to change me like that.

I don’t care if other people think “falling in love” would be good for me or bring me happiness. I would rather pursue my own form of happiness, than give up part of myself in order to conform to what other people think will make me happy.

Every day, the culture I live in throws messages at me: Romance is important. Don’t you want romance? Of course you do. Romance is necessary. Your life is unfulfilling and lonely if you don’t have a romantic partner. You should date. You should seek out romantic love. You should want this emotion that we are telling you to want. If you don’t want it, then you’re just lying to yourself. We know what’s best for you. We know that you want it.

And this is my response to those messages: No.

It may be hard for some people to believe, but I truly, genuinely don’t want romantic love. I don’t miss it. I do not feel incomplete, or lonely, or inferior because I don’t have a romantic partner. And I will not allow society to make me feel like I am incomplete or inferior. I used to feel that way; I used to believe those messages.

I will not fall for that lie again.

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Wally doodles in between school and commissions. Last one is still a WIP.

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This suggests that Nicki Minaj also wrote little bits and pieces of “Baby Got Back.” Which would be impressive… except it’s a lie. LIES NICKI MINAJ.

tumblr user literarygingerfox deadass doesn’t know what sampling is smh

I do. I’m also aware that she said every word she spits is hers. I’ve chosen to take her literally. Which makes her wrong.

tumblr user literarygingerfox thinks that Nicki Minaj playing a recording of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s actual voice in her song is the same thing as Nicki Minaj spitting her own verses. tumblr user literarygingerfox deadass doesn’t know what sampling is.

moment of silence for tumblr user literarygingerfox …

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